Today’s hot take is on an article by David Fogel, EA, CPA, USTCP in a publication of the California Society of Enrolled Agents. Dave’s a thoughtful practitioner and takes on a timely issue: unemployment income and community property #taxation. Disclosure: my knowledge of #communityproperty rules wouldn’t fill half a thimble (I’m stealing this from one… Read More

@RichardRubinDC hit (another) home run with his April 20, 2021 Wall Street Journal article. IMHO his overall assessment of the agency is excellent: “A turnaround takes more than money. It is a management challenge as complex as the IRS itself. The agency is a collections company, police force, law firm, financial institution, call center and… Read More

I agree with Erin Collins on all of her points in her March 24, 2021 Kiplinger article. I was pleased to see the National Taxpayer Advocate using her position of influence to drive a respectful narrative helpful to the entire tax administration ecosystem. IMHO it is in every American’s interest for #IRS to meet its… Read More