@RichardRubinDC hit (another) home run with his April 20, 2021 Wall Street Journal article. IMHO his overall assessment of the agency is excellent:

“A turnaround takes more than money. It is a management challenge as complex as the IRS itself. The agency is a collections company, police force, law firm, financial institution, call center and high-security information-technology shop rolled into one. It operates with political constraints no private company faces, such as budgets that fluctuate with election results and pushback from influential businesses large and small when it ramps up enforcement.”

We easily lose sight of everything asked of the agency — much of which is NOT traditionally a #tax administrator’s job — and that we boil the proverbial frog slowly when we keep adding charges (e.g., monthly advance CTC payments).

A side journey into conservation easements is enlightening, and he makes sure readers understand what is important about the #Tax Gap (only a portion of it is ‘gettable’ practically) and staffing increases (it will take years to put new collection & exam staff into the field). Also, always worth listening to fmr. Commissioner Rossotti’s opinion on anything.

Finally, I note a new mantra from #IRS officials: IRS needs consistent, timely, and multi-year funding, as well as funding increases.

Bob’s interested in a wide range of tax issues – and in issues not tax related, though he agrees with the assertion, “Everything has a tax angle.”